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AIS Bulletin: Waiver Expires February 24, 2020

Burr Ridge, IL— February 6, 2020 — The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waiver for short-term stainless steel nuts and bolts used in pipe couplings, restraints, joints, flanges, and saddles for American Iron and Steel Act (AIS) compliance expires February 24. This action impacts all manufacturers subject to American Iron and Steel Act provisions

Fixing an Aging Infrastructure with Minimal Disruption

Coping with service or repairs to aging pipeline infrastructure without disrupting customers is always a challenge. Chris Vazzana of Hydra-Stop has a better idea that includes the use of insertion valves, which enable water utilities to install a permanent valve into a live water main without ever shutting down the line. His discussion with the

The Value of Innovation

How do you grow your business? The answer, in part, is innovation. Hydra-Stop’s President and CEO, Chris Vazzana, discusses why innovation is at the core of Hydra-Stop’s values and business model as well as how to encourage and nurture innovative ideas that could most benefit your organization. This presentation was filmed at the 2019 Edison

Hydra-Stop Launches Insertion Valve for 20-24” Pipes

Burr Ridge, IL— July 9, 2019 — Hydra-Stop, the global leader for the manufacturing of insertion valves and line stop fittings for water and wastewater distribution systems, officially announced the launch of the Insta-Valve 20-24 insertion valve today, after a prelaunch unveiling at AWWA’s ACE19 in June. Designed in response to feedback from industry professionals

GIS For Water Systems

Just because water infrastructure is out of sight doesn’t mean it’s out of mind. The authorities responsible for building municipal pipelines also have a responsibility to maintain them, a task that is made more challenging by their placement underground. Without knowing exactly where pipes are located, it becomes nearly impossible to service them in the

Leak Detection In Underground Water Systems

Burying water mains and sewer pipes makes sense for a number of reasons. Municipalities and utilities understandably want to keep these vital systems safe and out of the way. Of course, when a pipeline is buried, it’s much harder to detect when something goes wrong with it. A water main leak can be impossible to

5 Reasons Why Water Mains Break

There are multiple reasons why a water main can break, but the result is always the same — disaster. Whether you’re a contractor, utility or municipality, the cleanup and potential liability issues that accompany a water main break are just two of the headaches you’d rather avoid. Rather than wait until streets are flooded, it’s

2018 Holiday Schedule

Hydra-Stop 2018 Holiday Schedule In observance of the upcoming Holiday Season, Hydra-Stop will be closed the following days: Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018 Thanksgiving – Closed Friday, Nov. 23, 2018 Day After Thanksgiving – Closed Monday, Dec. 24, 2018 Christmas Eve Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2018 Christmas Day Wednesday, Dec. 26 – Monday, Dec. 31, 2018 Office

Top Three Reasons To Maintain Your Town’s Water Infrastructure

It’s hard to believe that having running water in your home is a relatively recent invention. Pay attention during your next trip to a history museum, and you’ll see crowds of schoolchildren stare in confusion and amazement at a picture of a well or an outhouse. For anyone living today, indoor plumbing is just something

Insertion Valves: Understanding The Basics

Water mains work hard 24/7. Thousands — if not millions — of people depend on them to keep water flowing in and out of their homes and businesses. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Their workload may never decrease, which means the condition of municipal water systems can and does deteriorate over time. Even the most well-engineered

Insta-Valve 250 Product Bulletin – Auto Equalization

Auto Equalization System to begin shipping with Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves Burr Ridge, IL – September 20, 2018 – Hydra-Stop is pleased to announce our new 4 through 12-inch Auto Equalization System (Auto-E) will begin shipping on September 24, 2018, as current inventory is depleted. The Hydra-Stop team has engineered another enhancement to improve productivity,

Insta-Valve 250 Product Bulletin

Re-engineered Completion Pins to begin shipping with Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves Burr Ridge, IL – August 17, 2018 – Hydra-Stop is pleased to announce that starting August 17, 2018 re-engineered completion pins will begin shipping with all 4-12-inch Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves as existing inventory is depleted. Hydra-Stop’s goal is to make the installation of

Line Stopping 101: Understanding The Basics

Fixing a pothole shouldn’t require closing every city street. Likewise, repairing a single pipe in a community’s water supply shouldn’t mean that the entire system has to be turned off. Traffic can be routed around any construction work with a few signs. Nonetheless, isolating a water main in need of repair is a bit more

How Municipalities Can Help Save Water

Water conservation is a matter of national importance that must be addressed on a local level to achieve the most effective measures. It can be challenging to meet your municipal water conservation goals. Here are a few tried-and-true methods of water conservation to help reduce your municipal water use. Monitor for Leaks Leaks are a

How We Can Prevent Droughts

Many of us take water for granted. We turn on the faucet and there it is, whenever we need it. Yet the truth is, water needs to be preserved like any other precious natural resource. Overuse and waste threaten to leave our supply of fresh water depleted, leading to water shortages and droughts that hurt

Municipal Water System Maintenance And Its Many Challenges

Water is essential for life, as well as for many of the pleasures of life. Countless people take water for granted. However, more goes into municipal water treatment and delivery than most realize. Municipal water systems serve nearly 9 out of 10 Americans, but many municipalities are now facing or expect to face significant challenges

Insta-Valve 250 wins Gold Edison Award

INSTA-VALVE 250 IS NAMED A 2018 GOLD EDISON AWARD WINNER Hydra-Stop Wins at New York Ceremony; Awards Celebrate 31 Years of Honoring Innovators and Innovation Burr Ridge, IL – April 20, 2018 – The Edison Awards, celebrating 31 years of honoring the best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services,

Hydra-Stop Launches 14 inch Insta-Valve Plus 250 Insertion Valve

Hydra-Stop, the leading manufacturer of insertion valves and line stop fittings serving municipal water distribution systems around the world, today announced the official launch of the 14” Insta-Valve Plus 250 insertion valve. The 14″ Insta-Valve Plus 250 was designed in response to feedback from industry professionals with requirements for a 14-inch, 250 psi rated insertion

Hydra-Stop launches Hydra-View

Hydra-Stop Launches Hydra-View Portable Pipeline Assessment Solution now available Burr Ridge, IL— February 13, 2018 — Hydra-Stop, the leading manufacturer of insertion valves and line stop fittings serving municipal water distribution systems around the world, announced the launch of Hydra-View, a CCTV pipeline assessment solution which works in combination with Hydra-Stop’s award-winning Insta-Valve 250 insertion

Farewell and Greetings

George Gilson Retirement All of us at Hydra-Stop would like to take a moment and thank George Gilson for his many years of service at Hydra-Stop.  George has covered several territories during his time here – most recently he served as the Western Regional Sales Manager. George has made countless friends during his years in

Hydra-Stop receives nomination for 2018 Edison Awards

Hydra-Stops’ Insta-Valve 250 Insertion Valve has been nominated for the 2018 Edison Awards. Named after Thomas Edison, The Edison Awards recognize excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation.  Winners will be presented at the 2018 Edison Awards in New York, NY on April 11, 2018. “We are honored the Insta-Valve