Terms and Conditions

Orders placed by (“Buyer”) for HYDRA-STOP LLC (“Seller”) products or services shall be subject to these terms and conditions of sale, whether or not specifically referred to. No other terms or conditions or any modifications, changes, or amendments shall be recognized unless specifically agreed to in writing by an authorized official designee of Seller. The lack of objection by Seller to any modifying provisions communicated by Buyer shall not be construed as an acceptance by Seller. The lack of enforcement, the invalidity, or the unenforceability of any provision shall not affect the remaining provisions of these terms. In the event of an inconsistency between the terms, conditions, and provisions of this agreement and those of the Buyer’s purchase order, then in accordance with the usage of trade, Buyer’s assent to the terms and conditions of sale set forth below shall be conclusively presumed from Buyer’s failure to reasonably object in writing and from Buyer’s acceptance of all or any part of the material ordered. All proposals, negotiations, and representations, if any, regarding this transaction and made prior to the date of this acknowledgement are merged herein.