Insta-Valve 250 Product Bulletin

Re-engineered Completion Pins to begin shipping with Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves

Burr Ridge, IL – August 17, 2018 – Hydra-Stop is pleased to announce that starting August 17, 2018 re-engineered completion pins will begin shipping with all 4-12-inch Insta-Valve 250 insertion valves as existing inventory is depleted.set Pin Closeup

Hydra-Stop’s goal is to make the installation of our products as efficient, safe, and simple as possible. The Hydra-Stop team is constantly looking for ways to improve productivity, performance, and safety, such as the development of the OS&Y Hydra-Tapper machine and the Quick Pressure Test Plug.

The new completion pins are another step in providing our customers with the best insertion valves available.

The re-engineered completion pins reduce a four step process (removing the pin plug, setting the completion pin, Teflon taping the pin plug and replacing the pin plug) into one step.

Using a single 5/16th allen wrench, the new pins are turned into place until snug accomplishing two important steps: locking the valve cartridge in perfect alignment and creating a dual seal at the completion pin port.

Other benefits include:
• Allows for Auto-Equalization, a new valve feature coming in September, 2018.
• Removes the need to count the number of turns as you set the completion pins.
• Eliminates the need for completion pin plugs which removes the need to use Teflon tape and multiple sized allen wrenches.

“The use of the re-engineered completion pins will save users time and effort and simplify the valve insertion process,” said Chris Vazzana, CEO of Hydra-Stop. “Improvements we make to our products which save time, increase safety and improve performance continue our drive to mainstream valve insertion for under-pressure water main maintenance,” added Vazzana.

Watch the Insta-Valve 250 re-engineered Completion Pin Announcement Video here.

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