How Municipalities Can Help Save Water

Water conservation is a matter of national importance that must be addressed on a local level to achieve the most effective measures. It can be challenging to meet your municipal water conservation goals. Here are a few tried-and-true methods of water conservation to help reduce your municipal water use.

Monitor for Leaks

Leaks are a major cause of water loss in municipal systems. Monitoring your system for sudden, unexplained changes in water use can help keep water waste to a minimum when leaks occur.

Be sure to also take the opportunity to inspect underground pipes and valves for leaks and damage whenever a section of your system is exposed for maintenance. If you have older infrastructure and suspect you are losing a lot of water to leaks, you might consider proactively inspecting the sections of your system most likely to be involved. Use stop fittings to isolate these sections to minimize downtime for residents.

Legislate for Water Waste Prevention

Some cities implement outdoor watering ordinances that limit or prohibit landscape watering. Others establish and strictly enforce fair water rate structures that charge higher rates for consumers who use more water than average. Your city could also offer tax breaks and rebate incentives to consumers for replacing appliances and fixtures that require high volumes of water.

Educate and Communicate

Make sure residents and commercial property owners understand the benefits of conserving water as well as the dangers of wasting it. Help them recognize signs of broken or leaking pipes in their homes and neighborhoods. When they’re informed, they’ll be more apt to report inconsistencies in water pressure and other changes they notice, such as unusual puddles or wet spots in their neighborhood.

What are you doing to educate your constituents about wise water use? Some cities establish a separately funded municipal department specifically for the development of educational water conservation programs. Outreach methods such as newsletters, social media, articles in your local media and water-saver workshops can all help your citizens get on board with water conservation programs.

When knowledgeable residents are encouraged to communicate with your utilities department, it’s easier to stay ahead of potentially major repairs. Once you know about the problem, you can call Hydra-Stop for a safe, cost-effective solution to repair your system.

Hydra-Stop to the Rescue!

Water distribution system repairs always have been a big, inconvenient mess. Streets, sidewalks and yards get torn up to expose the pipelines that need to pulled and replaced. Neighborhoods and businesses could be out of safe water for days. Boil water advisories are a pain.

Hydra-Stop helps you manage your city’s aging water system. We provide the easiest, most cost-effective solutions with minimal loss of water and minimal downtime for your community. When you use Hydra-Stop solutions, you won’t have to shut down a whole segment of your city’s water supply system – so you’ll save 40 percent (or more) overall. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind and the convenience of our innovative Hydra-Stop solutions.

Hydra-Stop has developed a line of valves and equipment that revolutionizes water system maintenance. With Hydra-Stop, repairs are quicker, easier, more convenient and less costly for everyone involved. For more information about Hydra-Stop solutions, visit us online or call 800-538-7867.