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Shutdown not an option? No Problem with Insta-Valve Plus!

What happens when you need to shut the water off at a hospital? This was a question that was recently answered by Peterson Mechanical in Sonoma, California. Read the full story here.


IVP250 joins the Coast Guard!

Garrison Enterprises recently installed a 16" IVP250 at the USCG Cape May, NJ Training Center. We received this follow up letter from the Project Manager.

Wrightsville Beach, NC prepares for another very busy summer

Wrightsville Beach, NC depends on continued water service when the summer visitors arrive. Read more here.


CMUD employees win award

Five Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department employees – John Bumgarner,  David St. Laurent, Michael  Rivers, Kevin Raisty and Kim Belle were nominated and will receive a City Managers Award in May. Check it out here!


July 2014

ACE 2014 Wrapup

The AWWA ACE 2014 show was quite the event in Boston. The Convention Center was impressive and the AWWA staff were on their game.

Hydra-Stop had the opportunity to speak with many of our current customers, and of course many soon-to-be customers about their upcoming projects. We also had our new line stop fitting on display. More news on that soon!

As always, if we can be of service in support of any of your upcoming projects, please call us at 800-538-7867.


Infrastructure Improvements

In 2013, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave America’s infrastructure a solid D rating for drinking water and reported an estimated 3.6 trillion dollars are needed by 2020 to make necessary infrastructure improvements.

With the improvements that need to be made and the investment that is sure to come, now is the right time to expand your capabilities and take care of more of your customer’s needs. Contact us today to learn more - 800-538-7867.

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Red Division Line

The Hydra-Stop System

Insertion Valves, Line Stopping and Line Tapping

Hydra-Stop is the world's only manufacturer of pipe maintenance equipment designed to allow you to perform line stopping, valve insertion and line tapping (hot tapping) with its integrated Hydra-Stop System.

Hydra-tapperWhen you own a piece of Hydra-Stop equipment, you own the beginnings of a modular system that allows you to expand your capabilities and give you total pipeline maintenance flexibility.

Own a Hydra-Tapper? You not only have one of the best tapping machines on the market, but you also have expandability.

Add the Hydra-Stopper equipment module and you have the ability to perform linestops.

Add the Insta-Valve Plus module and you gain the ability to perform valve insertions.

The question remains, why purchase each piece separately? With the complete Hydra-Stop System you have the flexibility you need to perform linestops, valve insertions and pipe taps (hot taps).

Contact Hydra-Stop to learn how our modular system of pipe maintenance equipment and components can work for you.


Line Stop vs. Insertion Valve

Linestop FittingLine stopping was first developed over 50 years ago. The technique was introduced to the water industry in the 1980's. Linestops utilize a fitting mounted to the host pipe. A line tap is made and the stopping device (Hydra-Stopper) is mounted and completes the flow stopping procedure. The linestop temporarily stops flow to allow repairs or maintenance without disrupting service. Once work is completed, the fitting is sealed with a completion plug and flange.  The fitting is left in place on the host pipe.

Some common linestop uses include: changing or repairing hydrants, tying in new lines or services and performing pipe repairs.

When you require additional system control through the placement of additional valves, Insta-Valve Plus is the answer.

Insertion valves were also introduced to the water industry in the 1990's. Hydra-Stop was one of the first manufacturers to offer a valve insertion system. The Insta-Valve Plus was designed to give water pros unprecedented control of their distribution systems. Insertion valves provide the ability to place a valve where ever one is needed, in the fraction of the time of installing a "traditional" valve.

The insertion valve process is accomplished through three simple steps. 1) Mount the valve body. 2) Tap the pipe (under full line pressure). 3) Install the valve cartridge. The Insta-Valve Plus permanently remains in the water distribution piping to allow system repair in the same manner as any gate valve which would have been originally installed with the water main.

If you ever need assistance in determining which technique - linestop or insertion valve - is the best alternative, call us at 800-538-7867.

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