Insta-Valve 250 Helps Keep the Water on for Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic

Santa Clara, CA – The City of Santa Clara is a provider of water and sewer services to nearly 130,000 residents. Residents, businesses, and visitors all rely on the dedication of the men and women of the Santa Clara Water and Sewer Utilities to keep the area thriving through its utility services.

The spread of coronavirus has had a massive impact on a global scale. With widespread preventative and containment measures — like shelter-in-place — businesses have had to adjust their operations within these new confines, and water utilities are no different. The maintenance and repair of water distribution systems still need to be addressed even if the world has come to a halt.

The City of Santa Clara needed to cut into an existing water distribution line to perform maintenance. Unfortunately, traditional methods of maintenance would require a shutdown that would interrupt service to homes within the area. Given the circumstances, shut down to their customers was not an option.

With the installation of Hydra-Stop’s Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve, the city was able to isolate their work area without affecting service to nearby residents — many of whom did not even realize water work was being completed. To read the full story, download the project brief.