Hydra-Stop’s Insta-Valve 20-24 Delivers Performance Under Pressure

Large City in North Carolina — Hydra-Stop’s solution kept the water running in a highly active and populated area while repairs were made.

During a pipe and valve replacement project for a large city in North Carolina, their General Contractor, State Utility Contractors, started to operate their existing valves around a planned work area but discovered that water was still flowing. It was determined that the cause of the issue was a not fully operational 20-year-old butterfly valve on a 20” ductile iron line.

Shutting down more valves to compensate for their broken one was not an option. A shutdown would disrupt water supplied to hundreds of buildings in the heart of city’s business district, thus affecting hundreds of buildings — including thousands of residents and business customers — while also limiting fire protection, making a large portion of the city vulnerable. To read their full story, download the project brief.

Widespread shutdown was avoided as well as the costs associated with shutdown, including boil orders, loss of treated water and lab testing fees.