Insta-Valve 250 Eliminates Widespread Service Outage During Pipe Replacement Project

Prescott, AZ — Water Operations, a Division of Public Works for the City of Prescott, Arizona, provides water to the city’s businesses, schools, hospitals, and more than 45,000 residents. The department also oversees installing and maintaining the city’s underground water infrastructure and fire protection.

Their water distribution system consists of ductile iron (DI), asbestos cement (AC), and C900 PVC pipe, but their long-term plan is to replace their AC pipe. Unfortunately, a lack of control points could cause system shutdowns for large portions of the city. During a recent project, they found, based on their operable valves within the area, that 300-400 homes would lose water service during a neighborhood’s AC line replacement. To read their full story, download the project brief.