Centuries Old Infrastructure Gains Control with the Insta-Valve 250

Palestine, TX – The City of Palestine is a provider of water and sewer services to nearly 19,000 residents. Residents, businesses, and visitors all rely on the dedication of the men and women of the City of Palestine Water Department to keep the area thriving through its utility services.

The Problem:

The City of Palestine was established in 1846 and it has a cast iron water distribution infrastructure just as old. As with many distribution systems that are well over 200 years old, the infrastructure lacked valves — or control points — in order to regulate the flow of water when emergencies arise, or maintenance was scheduled.

After researching their options, the city ultimately chose Hydra Stop’s Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve to be installed as part of their infrastructure improvement plan.

The Solution:

In early December of 2019 the city put in their first Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve on a 6-inch cast iron pipe from the 1800’s.

Installation took place in the Old Town district in downtown Palestine near a very busy intersection. The valve was installed in just 2 hours and not one customer was impacted — no shut down required.

The valve is to remain open until needed for future flow regulation and is the first of other valves the city has planned to add to their infrastructure to gain greater control of their system.

The Results:

The Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve provided targeted control on a system that lacked valves.

Every Insta-Valve 250 that has and will be installed will be a permanent, reusable control point for the City of Palestine.

Without having to shut down their system, the City of Palestine was able to avoid the costs associated with shutdown, including boil orders, loss of treated water and lab testing fees.