Hydra-Stop Launches 14 inch IVP 250 Insertion Valve

March 06, 2018

Hydra-Stop, the leading manufacturer of insertion valves and line stop fittings serving municipal water distribution systems around the world, today announced the official launch of the 14” IVP 250 insertion valve.

The 14" IVP 250 was designed in response to feedback from industry professionals with requirements for a 14-inch, 250 psi rated insertion valve which is a permanent asset with superior performance and reliability. The 14” IVP 250 is another example of Hydra-Stop’s commitment to help municipalities manage, maintain and provide solutions for aging water systems.

How do we define superior performance?

After testing the IVP 250 against C509-09 proof of design standards, Michael C Johnson, Research Associate Professor at the Utah State University Water Research Laboratory wrote "It is my opinion that subjecting the valve to the C509-09 proof of design testing represents a vigorous and demanding set of test constraints. Even still, the valve was most impressive and provides a great solution for stopping flow in existing flowing lines."

Features of the IVP250 include: a 304-stainless steel valve body, 2" stainless steel valve stem, a composite polymer gate and gate housing plus much more. An American Iron and Steel Act (AIS) compliant version adds even more versatility.

The 14" IVP 250 continues Hydra-Stop’s legacy of setting the industry standard for insertion valves that provide savings over implementing a system shutdown.

“Hydra-Stop continues to innovate in our market space to provide high quality, industry leading, valve size options with our 14” valve.” said Christopher Vazzana, CEO at Hydra-Stop. “This addition further enhances the value of the 16” equipment that many of our customers already own by allowing them to install both a 16” and 14” valve with the same modular equipment set.”

Orders for the new 14" IVP 250 are now being accepted. Valves will start shipping the week of April 2.

For complete details and specifications about the new 14” IVP 250, please visit the 14” -16” IVP 250 page on the Hydra-Stop website.