Bevel Gear Actuator

For Horizontal Insta-Valve Installations

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The Bevel Gear Actuator for Horizontal Insta-Valve Installation

The Bevel Gear Actuator is the solution to utilizing the Insta-Valve 250 insertion valve in shallow bury applications.

If you have ever wanted to utilize an insertion valve on water mains which are uncontrolled due to broken or missing valves and are also too shallow to utilize a vertically mounted insertion valve, then the Bevel Gear Actuator is your answer.

Available in two sizes — one for 4–8-inch Insta-Valves and the other for 10–12-inch Insta-Valves — the Bevel Gear Actuator can be installed on lines as shallow as 12-18 inches and enables easy operation. Simply align the gearbox hole with the Insta-Valve valve stem and slide into place. Secure the Bevel Gear Actuator to the Insta-Valve with four flange bolts. Install the operating nut and installation is complete.

Full equipment stack-up dimensions:

Valve Size Full Equipment Length (ft)* Width (in) Depth (in)**
4” 10' 50" 12"-22"
6” 10.5' 50” 12"-24"
8” 11' 50” 12"-26"
10” 12' 62” 18-30"
12” 12.5' 62” 18-32"

*Trench should be made longer than the listed lengths for comfortable movement around the pipe and equipment.
**Vertical install is recommended if the measurement from the top of the pipe to ground level is greater than the depth upper limit.

Put the versatility of the Insta-Valve 250 and the adaptability of the Bevel Gear Actuator to work for you today. For additional information or to request a quote contact us today at 800-538-7867.


  • Why should I use the Bevel Gear Actuator?
    If you have a shallow buried pipe and the Insta-Valve 250 cannot be fully buried in a vertical position, then the Bevel Gear Actuator is a great solution.
  • What sizes are available for the Bevel Gear Actuator?
    The Bevel Gear Actuator is available in two sizes, 4-8” and 10-12”.
  • Do I need a special Insta-Valve 250 valve body in order to use the Bevel Gear Actuator?
    No, all Insta-Valve 250 valve bodies, in sizes 4-12”, will work with the Bevel Gear Actuator.
  • Do I need a special valve cartridge in order to use the Bevel Gear Actuator?
    Yes. The Bevel Gear Actuator cannot engage with standard Insta-Valve 250 cartridges. A cartridge specifically designed for the Bevel Gear Actuator must be purchased.
  • Can I use the standard Insta-Valve 250 installation equipment?
    Yes, the installation equipment will be the same.
  • What is turn ratio on the Bevel Gear Actuator?
    The turn ratio is 3:1 for all Bevel Gear Actuator sizes.
  • Is a coring kit required for installation?
    Yes, coring is required to perform a horizontal installation. Failure to use a coring kit during installation could impact valve performance.
  • Is blocking required during installation?
    Yes, it is highly important that both the valve and equipment are properly blocked to ensure a safe and successful installation.
  • What is required to pressure test the valve in the horizontal position?
    A pressure testing blind flange is required for horizontal installation. Please refer to our installation instructions for a detailed procedure.


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