SUEZ Water PA has always been customer focused by striving for ways to improve service and reliability. Most recently we made the decision to invest in the insertion valve equipment and to train our internal employees to be able to utilize the equipment. The first project this equipment is being used on is a $3.5 million infrastructure replacement project in our Mechanicsburg operations. This project includes the replacement of 16,000 feet of water main, 250 service line replacements, and 16 new fire hydrants. By utilizing the new insertion valve equipment, SUEZ has been able to minimize the disruption of service to these 250 customers including a large service to the US Navy Depot. This equipment eliminates the need for customer notifications while increasing the reliability and eliminating the necessity to curtail service while connections are being made. We look forward to utilizing this equipment in future projects and our day-to-day operations.
SUEZ Water

William Kelvington

Director of Operations SUEZ Water