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Hydra-Stop Saves Water, and Here Is the Proof

A water main break happens every 2 minutes in the US. Still, even during a non-emergency, any section of pipe that needs to be repaired or replaced will result in water loss, possibly impacting customers, the environment, and your utility’s reputation.

According to a study by Denver Water, a water main break can equal up to 1,750,000 gallons of water lost (see chart for breakdown by pipe size).

However, you can save millions of gallons of water by utilizing Insta-Valve insertion valves as part of your line maintenance procedure. Insta-Valves are functional, site-specific control points that allow for targeted shutdown to isolate the area of maintenance or repair while maintaining service to the rest of the network. Additionally, the installation process results in minimal water loss — sometimes as few as 10 gallons.

These savings can only increase with time as Inta-Valves are permanent assets for continuous operation your utility can capitalize.

In just 2022 we’ve already helped utilities save over 630.4 million gallons of water. Thats…

Get to Know the Insta-Valve 250


  • 250 psi working pressures
  • Requires no system shutdown
  • Eliminates 100 percent of the costs related to shutting down a system
  • Engineered valve cartridge for a drip tight seal
  • Exceeds AWWA C509/515 Proof of Design Standards
  • Maintains NSF 61 and ANSI 372 certification by UL
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Permanent asset for site-specific control
  • Can be installed on all common pipe types in any orientation in as little as 2 hours
  • No need to ream or sever the pipe, only a single tap needed for installation
  • AIS-compliant option available
  • Bevel gear available for horizontal installation

Sizes:   4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″


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Insta-Valve: the Benefits of Valve Insertion

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