Save Over 40% With Insertion Valves

Hydra-Stop’s value proposition is compelling given the savings it provides municipalities:

  • The example below illustrates the total cost of a typical Hydra-Stop solution versus a typical water shutdown and repair which leads to a $3,800 or 44% savings by avoiding the incremental costs:

Service You Can Count On

The Hydra-Stop Difference

  • Comprehensive training and customer support
  • A nationwide network of independent, Hydra-Stop-certified installers
  • Products and procedures that are engineered and designed to:
    • Reduce costs during planned, routine, or emergency maintenance projects
    • Minimize risk and increase safety
    • Provide site-specific control without system shutdown or service disruption
    • Remain as reuseable, permanent assets
    • Accommodate varying pipe types, sizes, and environments
  • Mitigate water loss — ideal for a water conservation or drought management plan
  • An innovative, customer-focused approach to continually improving and expanding our products and business

The Solution


Insta-Valve, Hydra-Stop’s valve insertion solution, allows the ability to maintain and repair potable water, wastewater, and industrial systems safely and efficiently, without service disruption to communities around the world. Ideal for planned, routine, or emergency maintenance, our solution can be installed right where a control point is needed, on an existing, in-service water main under pressure.

Installation is quick, easy, and safe, requiring only a simple line tap — a single circular hole cut into the water main. No reaming or shutdown is required, helping maintain the integrity of the pipe while eliminating the incremental costs associated with system shutdown. The Insta-Valve is permanently installed to the pipe, allowing for system control and maintenance in the same manner as a traditional resilient, seated gate valve.

Insta-Valve’s ability to provide site-specific control allows utilities and municipalities to perform the required maintenance to upgrade and improve their water infrastructure without impacting service to customers.

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