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Revolutionary, Lightweight Tapping Machine for Water Mains

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Hot Tapping Equipment

Hydra-Stop’s revolutionary, lightweight hot tap machine makes line taps on water and wastewater lines quickly and easily. Superior engineering, rugged construction and fewer moving parts mean Hydra-Tapper is designed to operate without costly and annoying malfunctions. Hydra-Tapper’s light weight also eliminates the need for the expensive blocking and bracing often required to support traditional heavy tapping equipment. The Hydra-Tapper hot tap (or wet tap) machine makes it easy to turn an inexperienced worker into a professional line tapper.

How It Works

Line taps, also known as hot taps or wet taps, provide access to a pressurized pipe without disrupting pressure or service upstream of the tap. A pressure tap is first made by installing a sleeve (such as a line stop fitting or a tapping sleeve) around the water main. The sleeve must be capable of retaining the internal pressure of the water main. A temporary gate valve is attached to the sleeve, through which the tap is performed. Hot tapping water lines can be done for a number of reasons — to install a permanent insertion valve, to make branch connections onto an existing line, or to perform any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Hydra-Tapper Line Tapping Machine Features

  • Fewer moving parts
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility to work on any tapping valve
  • Carbide cutter teeth
  • Rated at 250 psi
  • 4” to 12” iron, asbestos cement, concrete and PVC pipe all applicable
  • Optional air drive or hydraulic drive for each unit
  • Available in sizes up to 20"

Hydra-Tapper Line Tapping Machine Benefits

  • Reduces costly breakdowns due to fewer moving parts
  • Easily controls manually due to lightweight machine
  • Operates simply and easily
  • Repairs quickly in the field
  • Cuts fast and accurately
  • Minimizes service disruption without system shutdown
  • Lowers the cost of system maintenance
  • Works with pipes of various materials
  • Performs line stops and valve insertions easily due to variable modular design


  • What is tapping?

    While tapping is generally defined as the cutting of a hole in an existing water or sewer main, tapping can also be done on pipelines that carry other fluids. A tapping machine (like the Hydra-Tapper) is used to cut a hole into a pipe made from a range of materials — such as cast iron, concrete, PVC and others. After the tap is complete, a line stop can be implemented, or a branch line added.

  • What pipe sizes can the Hydra-Tapper tap?

    Hydra-Stop manufactures hot tapping machines that can perform pressure taps on pipes from 4" through 20" diameter.


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Interested in Expanding Your Services?

Valve insertion, line stopping and side tapping expansion kits are available to add to your Hydra-Tapper equipment. Contact your regional sales manager or Hydra-Stop inside sales for information.

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