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Minimize Disruption and Lower Maintenance Costs

Hydra-Stop’s low-cost, lightweight Hydra-Stopper isolates a section of pressurized pipe for repair, maintenance or replacement of valves and hydrants in minutes, eliminating system shutdowns and saving time and money on repairs and maintenance. Our Hydra-Stopper is effective on any commonly used pipe — steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, concrete and PVC.

The Hydra-Stop water line stop system utilizes a line-stopping technique that temporarily plugs a pressurized pipe without disrupting pressure or service upstream of the stop. A pressure tap is first made into the main, allowing insertion of the Hydra-Stopper plugging device into the main under pressure.

Water line stopping may be used as part of your overall maintenance program to: 

  • Replace or repair hydrants
  • Tie in new lines or services
  • Perform pipeline maintenance and repairs
  • Change large meters or backflow preventers
  • Abandon wells or storage

There are several types of line stopping methods. A single-line stop prevents flow from one direction, which is useful for installing a hydrant valve, for example. A double-line stop bars the flow from two sides, such as in a looped system. A double-line stop with bypass option — whether 5 feet or 5 miles — lets you permanently relocate a line or cut in a valve on a transmission line or service line, without customer disruption.

Hydra-Stopper Features

  • Proven “stopper” technology including cylindrical and bullet shapes
  • Up to 250 psi (17 bar) capabilities depending on model
  • 95 percent to 100 percent water stops achieved at point of repair
  • Rugged, fast, accurate and easy to operate
  • Equipment is available in 4" (100 mm) through 20" (500 mm) sizes
  • Optional bypass feature

Hydra-Stopper Benefits

  • No customers out of service
  • No overtime paid
  • No incurred liability (potentially)
  • No loss of revenue
  • No loss of water (thousands of gallons saved)
  • No valve location or breakage
  • No water meter damage
  • Prevents backflow
  • Set up isolation zones in case of contamination in a trench
  • Creates safe working conditions


  • Where can I find specifications for Hydra-Stop line stop fittings?

    Specifications for the 4" to 8" HSF 250 are located here. For help in correctly identifying the best fitting for your project, please contact Hydra-Stop sales at 800-538-7867.

  • What applications call for line stopping?

    The following are some of the uses for line stopping in your overall maintenance program: replacing or repairing fire hydrants; tying in new lines or services; rerouting pipes; repairing or replacing valves; performing pipeline maintenance and repairs; changing large meters or backflow preventers; and isolating pipe sections for other types of trenchless technologies.

  • What are the different methods of line stopping?

    Single Line Stop: Stops flow from one direction, such as when installing a hydrant valve. Double Line Stop: Stops water pressure from two sides, such as in a looped wall circuit, e.g. damaged pipe section replaced or main valve installed. Bypass option is available. Double Line Stop with Bypass Option: Whether it is 5 feet or 5 miles, you can permanently replace a line or cut in a valve on a transmission line or service line without customer inconvenience.


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Embedded thumbnail for Hydra-Stopper Line Stop Machine

Interested in Expanding Your Services?

Hydra-Stop equipment is economically designed to be completely modular, so additional capabilities can be incorporated with our extension kits. Valve insertion and side tapping expansion kits are available to add to your Hydra-Stopper line stop machine.

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