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Hydra-Power Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydra-Stop packs rugged construction, dependability and outstanding performance into the Hydra-Power Hydraulic Power Pack. The turnkey, easy- to-set-up hydraulic power pack delivers both performance and value. The steel frame’s lightweight design allows for portability while still adding strength and protection during day-to-day operation. The large oil reservoir keeps things cool, even when powering through a lengthy tap.


  • Dimensions: 44-1/2" L x 24-1/4" W x 22-1/4" H
  • Weight: 304 lbs. (with full hydraulic tank and fuel load)
  • Output: 9 GPM @ 1700 – 1800 psi
  • 13 HP electric start engine
  • Hydraulic oil recommendation: all-purpose, petroleum-based hydraulic oil, ISO Grade 32
  • Normal operating oil conditions: 37˚ – 54˚ C / 100˚ – 130˚ F

Hydra-Power Features

  • 13 HP electric start engine
  • 12V battery rated to 230 CCA at 0 deg
  • Two 50-foot hydraulic hoses, 1/2" SAE 11R-rated hose
  • Three sets of quick connect hose couplings with dust caps
  • 15-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir with in-tank filter kit
  • Combination temperature and sight gauge
  • Skid mounted with a protective cage to lift with a forklift with or without straps

Hydra-Power Benefits

  • Performance and value in a single unit
  • Portability due to lightweight design
  • Strength and protection due to steel frame
  • Stays cool, even during lengthy taps, with large oil reservoir

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